Sunday, December 25, 2022

One Last Broken Bricks

This was my leader-ender project during the past couple of months. I finished piecing it this morning. I made it crib-size so I can donate it to the local quilt guild for their comfort quilts program. These little quilts go really fast.

I used a neat pantograph designed by Donna Kleinke called Daisies Panto 4. It's nice that it doesn't have an obvious direction so you can load your quilt either way and it still looks good. And it stitches out well.

I tried the So Fine thread again that gave me fits on my Rhododendron Trail quilt and today it was fine. Clearly, I got closer to the correct tension this time.

I had this highlighter pink batik that I got with one of my fabric scores. I would likely never use it on the front side, but it was fine for a backing.

So now I have yet another quilt to finish binding in the next week. I have so many to do now, probably more than half a dozen.


  1. Cute little quilt, perfect for a child. Happy stitching!

    1. Thanks. I like to hope it will be appreciated for many years.