Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Lake Cabin Quilted

I've been a little distracted the past couple of weeks and before that, I spent at least two weeks ironing fabric so my productivity has not been that great this year, so far. But my workspace is way cleaner and I don't feel so cramped in my sewing room.

I finally needed a break from ironing fabric and for last week's Friday Night Sew-In, I finished putting on the border and quilting the Lake Cabin scrappy quilt. This pattern was designed by Kim Brackett, from her Scrap Basket Sensations book.

I quilted it with the Crystal Gem pantograph which came with my ProStitcher software and is available from Quilting Daily. The pattern had a lot of backtracking and it didn't match up as perfectly as I would like, but it looked good with this border fabric.

I used four different 80-20 cotton-poly scraps for the batting. I used the trick where you just keep adding pieces, as shown in this video.

And today, I finally got my Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt on my quilting frame.

Now I just need to get brave enough to start. I published my quilting plan several days ago.

My plan for the week is to work on this quilt until it is finished.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Finger Lakes Quilting Plan

I think I finally have the plan for quilting my Finger Lakes log cabin quilt. Last week I came up with a design I really loved, but after fretting about it for several days, I decided I wouldn't be able to quilt it because the blocks are too large for my quilting space, so I'm settling for the easier option. I'm thinking done is better as I really would like to finish this quilt by the end of the month.

This is the trellis set of pantographs designed by Karen Thompson. 
I won't be leaving the blank areas blank, I just didn't take the time to crop every block that needs to go in there for the visual plan. I'll be inserting the appropriate piece and then cropping it at the edge.

I actually created the outer border flower from elements in the block itself. I went and looked at the designer's options for a matching border and I didn't like any of them and this design fits the quilt better. I think I might also make a straight line of leaves, if I can figure out how, to use on the thin cream inner border. Maybe I can print it out and re-draw the design in a straight line and then have ProStitch Designer turn it into a pantograph. I guess I have one more puzzle to play with before I get started.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Feb One Monthly Goal

Our local quilt guild is hosting a UFO Challenge this year. They have participants make a list of 12 UFOs and each month they assign us a number of which UFO we are supposed to work on. I may as well align my One Monthly Goal to this plan.

According to their number, I need to finish quilting my Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt! Eeek. I've done some preliminary work on a design, but I wasn't entirely happy with any of my layouts. I guess I need to get back to work on that.

I love this quilt; I'm really looking forward to being able to use it.

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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Aged Elegance Bonus Crib Quilt

I was so sick of cleaning my sewing room (which mostly involves ironing and folding fabric) I decided to take a break and do something fun. So, for Friday Night With Friends this month, I worked on my Aged Elegance Bonus Crib Quilt. I'd found these leftover border pieces when I was cleaning and they were too nice to let them go to waste so I figured out a plan to make a little quilt. For the most part, these are all scraps leftover from the queen-size Aged Elegance quilt I made a couple years ago.

Those blocks are only 7"; the pieces were a bit smaller than I am used to working with, but it was a fun challenge. I changed the plan a little bit from my original because I really wanted to add the sashing around the outside so I needed to piece on a bit more border. Luckily, I had a few more pieces I could add and since I matched the pattern as well as I could, it's pretty hard to see where I added it. The corners, alas, I could do nothing about; I had the fabric that I had and there was no extra to try and match the pattern.

I got it to the flimsy stage at around 9:45PM and usually, I would quit for the night, but I have a long arm now! I was unable to resist the temptation to stitch it up. Now it just needs a label and binding.

I used the Sharron pantograph on this one; it's currently in the $5 section at MyCreativeStitches. It's (almost) my name so of course, I had to buy it.

I'm really pleased with how this one went together. It will be added to the binding queue. I tend to let them build up so I can make a batch of labels at the same time and then bind them all at once.

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