Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Non-Quilting Project

I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. This happens every once in a while. I'm just taking a break and then I'll be back with more energy than ever.

A week or two ago I saw someone post a miniature sewing room kit (called Lisa's Tailor) they had built and I thought it looked like fun. I managed to find the kit (here it is) and I picked one up for myself. 

This is the manufacturer picture from their website.

But of course, it being my project, I'll be making a lot of changes. I think I'm going to turn my tailor shop into a quilt-making shop. I will definitely be changing all the fabrics. And I've started repainting nearly everything. Yeah, I want my woodwork to look like it's been stained. I'm using some copper mine paint sample paint I had leftover from our home remodel. I don't want blue windows and orange furniture.

I'll likely remove the pillows and dress form. I already bought a couple of quilt racks. I started out thinking I could actually sew a quilt that would fit and designed a couple little ones, but once those 1:24 scale quilt racks came it was clear that wouldn't happen. Wow, they are tiny.

Instead, I think I need to figure out how to print a quilt design onto a piece of fabric and finish it like a quilt. It really needs to be 3" or smaller to fit on that rack. Yes, I could make a 3" block, but I'm concerned by the time I turned it into a quilt it would be too bulky folded up to fit on that tiny rack. I can still use one of the quilts I designed, but it needs to be printed onto the fabric rather than sewn from pieces.

At the moment, I'm just prepping the pieces. I'm hoping this can be a project my husband and I can work on together. His aunt and uncle used to own House of Miniatures in San Jose, CA and he would work there during summers, so I thought he might enjoy working on this with me.