Sunday, February 28, 2021

Feb End of Month Update

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting the 2021 WOOFA challenge; it helps motivate me to finish my UFOs. I find it fun to start projects but I often don't get around to finishing them without some extra prodding. 

I can't believe February is already over. This month went so fast. Despite the short month, I made a lot of good progress on my WOOFA list.

I finished binding the Queen's Jewel Quilt and I made four sets of matching pillowcases. I also made a matching dress for Jeff's stuffed dog, Louisa.

I finished binding my (Lenton Rose) Batik Flower Quilt and I made two sets of matching pillowcases. Next time I'm in the mood, I'll make a dress that matches this quilt.

I finished binding the Fire Dance quilt and I made two sets of matching pillowcases. I'd also like to make a matching dress for this quilt too eventually.

I finished binding my Harvest Gathering Quilt and I made two sets of pillowcases. This is the photo from the long arm quilter; I still need to lay it out on a bed to take photos.

And, finally, I finished binding my Xmas Quilt and I made one set of pillowcases. I would still like to make one more set of pillowcases but I need to dig out the fabric. I also haven't taken photos of this one.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Almost Finished

The blocks are assembled and the first border is on. Now I just need to cut apart my border fabric and figure out how to add the last mitered border; I haven't sewn enough of them to just have the process down cold.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Aged Elegance Progress

This quilt is going together pretty quickly. I obviously should have made the blocks smaller. LOL I finished the second half of the blocks and then started assembling the quilt flimsy today.

Hard to tell in this light, but that dark fabric is actually a mauve purple color.
I got all the rows assembled today. I should be able to finish sewing them together the next time I have a day to work on it.

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I hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Blocks Finished Today

Finished putting together half of the blocks for the Aged Elegance quilt. I'm hoping to finish the other half tomorrow.

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Coping Behavior

I may have done something insane this month. In past years, when I was stressed, tired or stir crazy, I would eat. Now, apparently, I shop for fabric. Even though I really like Thousands of Bolts I don't often order from them because the shipping gets so expensive, but I do drop by fairly often and poke around and put stuff in the cart without actually buying the fabrics.

But, a couple of weeks ago I dropped in and noticed they were having a $6 fixed shipping sale. That got me poking around their website again. And then I noticed they had the Benartex Dog On It fabrics; I fell in love with those last year, but they were like $12.50 yard when I first saw them. Thousands of Bolts had them for $6/yard. SOLD! They didn't have the whole set but I bought what I could find.

And I may have gotten a little insane with the rest of my purchase. I have never spent so much on one order. Oops. (I can post this here because my husband doesn't read this blog yet. LOL)
Most of the pieces are only 1 yard, but a few are 2. I wanted to buy a lot more. LOL
Unfortunately, the one fabric I bought the most of is the one I like the least.
I put it in front of the display of what the fabric was supposed to look like. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a big fuss about how much it doesn't match.

And this is why I can't join a stashbuster. I'll be hard-pressed to even sew as much fabric as I've purchased this year. (This is not my first purchase, but I didn't take photos of the others.) I'm going to try to stop buying fabrics now; I'd better get sewing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tuesday ToDo #2

I've started fasting on Mondays and Tuesdays so I try to keep myself busy so I don't think about food. LOL

This week, I again worked on my Aged Elegance quilt that I started cutting out last week. Yesterday, I finished cutting out and assembling the small 4-square corner blocks. Today, I finished cutting out the HSTs; I had planned to cut them out of the border print, but I didn't have enough of it after I used it for the outer border so I had to change the fabric. I ended up using more of the beige floral because frankly, I had enough of it.

 And then I finished sewing all the triangle-in-square pieces I cut out last week.  
The triangle in square pieces turned out really well. They were more accurate than I've ever been able to make before, thanks to my new ruler.

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I guess I am supposed to make a list for next week. 
  1. Finish assembling the blocks for this quilt.
  2. Assemble the blocks to make the quilt.
  3. Crazy Quilt Class Task #11
  4. Add the border. (I may not get to this one this week.)
  5. Make a green Xmas pillowcase to coordinate with our Xmas quilt.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Quilt Bindings Finished

I finished my February One Monthly Goal with plenty of time to spare.  I was able to finish binding all five of my completed quilts plus I made bonus coordinating pillowcases for all of them. These were the last two quilts I finished this past week.

The edge of the fabric was black so I bound it with black fabric, but now
I wish I'd bound this one with red fabric; I think I would have liked it better.

I would have bound this one with green if I'd had more
of the fabric. Bad planning on my part.
And because my OMG was to finish binding FIVE quilts, I'll go ahead and link the others here. (They're posted at my house blog.)

If you want to see what everyone else has been working on, drop by Elm Street Quilts.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Louisa's Plaid Dress

I joined Wendy et al again for this week's Friday Night Sew In. I decided to work on the doll dress I cut out during the power outage last week. This is Jeff's stuffed animal I gave him a very long time ago; she likes to dress to match the bed. LOL

I had forgotten how long it takes to gather ruffles by hand; it took me a couple hours to do all the ruffling with gathering seams. I didn't finish the dress until Saturday afternoon, but it's finally done. I'm looking forward to being able to work on my Aged Elegance quilt now.

The pattern I use is from a VERY OLD Simplicity pattern.
I was excited to receive this batik color chart in yesterday's mail. I have bought batik "solids" so many times based on the color I see on the screen and then when I received them they were the wrong color. Even though I spent about $14 for this panel, I am hoping this will actually save me money in the long run as I'll be able to select the correct color before I place an order.
Hoffman Digital 1895 Watercolor Color Card 36" Panel Multi
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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Matching Pillowcases

Today I made matching pillowcases for the last of my new quilts. 

I don't love the colors of the pillowcases for my Harvest quilt, but I didn't have enough of any of the fabrics to make a nicer set. One of the challenges of making a scrappy quilt, I guess.
I am very happy about how this pair of pillowcases turned out; I luckily had some leftover pieces of border print. I'd still like to make another pair of green pillowcases for the Xmas quilt, then I'll be finished.
These are the six pillowcases I finished today.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Tuesday ToDo #1

I had been planning to finish my One Monthly Goal on Tuesday, but our power had been out for more than a day so I had to figure out something else I could work on. I ended up cutting out the fabric for four coordinating pillowcases, a doll dress, and most of the fabric for the Aged Elegance quilt.

Assuming these all turn out (I obviously couldn't test first), I am LOVING my new Creative Grids 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle Quilt Ruler. It makes cutting out these triangle-in-square blocks easy. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

I still need to cut out the border and half square triangles, but when my power came on after about 30 hours with no power, I decided I'd better go deal with neglected cleaning tasks. It's nice to have hot water again!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

More Quilt Planning

Even though I don't need more quilts, it's hard to resist making plans for more. And I love playing with Electric Quilt. There are worse ways to spend a pandemic. But I have decided to make quilts that are a little more difficult. I want the blocks to have lots of pieces or maybe difficult angles. I'd like to continue to improve my skill.

I have been trying for years to come up with designs for some sets I bought ages ago. They all have border prints and I've always struggled with ways to creatively use them, other than just sticking them around the outer border. I've made many quilt designs that I've discarded because I decided I didn't like them enough to make them. 

This set of fabric I bought in about 2000 at JoAnn's when we lived in Forest Grove to match our bedroom at the time. (Sadly, there is no name on the selvage.) While it won't match our current bedroom, these are my favorite colors so I will surely enjoy having a quilt made from them.

I have made so many attempts to find a pattern that would use all the different fabrics without being too awful. I hope I finally made one. 
This quilt is made up of frayed sawtooth blocks and has two different size frames; the large flower print will be in the larger frame. Hopefully, I have enough of the border print; the pattern calls for 2 yards and that's how much I have (crossing my fingers). If I end up with not quite enough, then I'll make blocks for the corners.