Thursday, March 31, 2022

Yellow RSC / March Wrap-Up

I barely had any time to sew this month because I had other house-related projects that I made myself work on before I would let myself start a new project. But, I also wanted to meet my One Monthly Goal commitment for the month, so I decided to squeeze in a day to sew as much as I could. 

For the first Bloom block, I actually used a light yellow then I decided it was too light so I ripped it apart and used a darker yellow fabric.

I only had ONE yellow batik fabric scrap for the Flowers for Nana Girl block, so that's what I used.
And I made nine more blocks for the Arlington Square quilt.
I was going to call it quits at that point, but then I decided to try making some Stained Glass blocks. I managed to finish seven blocks by this afternoon. For my project, I need 16 total. Since I have quite a few more in progress I'll probably be able to finish them during Friday Night With Friends.
This wraps up my March One Monthly Goal. I'll be linking up with Elm Street Quilts. I'll also link up with Needle & Thread Thursday and Finished or Not Friday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Bag of Free Scraps

I got an offer for a bag of free scraps from another member of the Northwest Quilters Guild. Of course, I accepted. I think it would be impossible for me to turn down an offer of free fabric, even if they're just scraps. I guess I should have taken a photo, it was a really large plastic bag. 

Last night I started poking through it and found a pile of coordinated scraps; I assume they're leftovers from a project.

They are pretty and I thought it would be fun to try and make a lap quilt from them. I was fortunate to find a label on one of the pieces of fabric, Graceful Moments. I actually found the original pattern that these pieces were leftover from.
I thought about making a smaller version, but I don't have enough fabric. At first, I spent a while looking for additional yardage, but I finally reminded myself of the mountain of fabric I am currently shifting. So, I spent a couple hours in Electric Quilt and played around with designs that would use the pieces I already have.

Anyway, this is my tentative plan.
I didn't have an exact measurement for the finished blocks, so I estimated it. I may end up adding a border or two.

Since our basement still isn't finished, I'm not allowing myself to start a new project. (If anyone is actually interested in my progress on that project, I've been posting about it over at my house blog. I think it will be another couple of weeks before we can move in.) 

I'm not sure why, but I'm actually looking forward to playing with this one. I think it will be really quick.

Friday, March 4, 2022

March Friday Night w/Friends

My main goal for the evening was to finish the backing for my Rhododendron Trail quilt. Mission successful! I don't have a good place to lay it out and take a photo because it is so large, but this is the huge 72" block I finished a couple days ago.

Basically, it looks like this.

And since that project went so quickly, I had time to finish another squirrel. I had a bunch of pink rectangles I'd cut out as I worked on the Rhododendron Trail quilt and when yellow was this month's color for RSC, I couldn't help myself. It only took a few hours to finish up this little guy. Haha, this makes four of these little practice quilts I've finished in a little more than a month. I'm sure I won't have any problems finding homes for these lap quilts after they're finished.
It's definitely time now to put away the red and pink scraps and get to work on my yellow RSC projects.  It really would be nice if I could finish all 16 of the yellow stained glass blocks.

Thanks to Cheryl at Gone Stitchin' for hosting the monthly virtual sew-in.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Mar One Monthly Goal

Our basement remodel is practically done so it is time for me to spend the next week or two staining the wood and doing whatever finish work down there before we start moving in. I might even do some stenciling while the space is empty. Therefore, I am going to have to keep my One Monthly Goal pretty small.

Anyway, I think I'll try to finish the blocks for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects. I love yellow and I am looking forward to pawing through my scraps some more.

As a reminder, these are the projects I am working on.
Flowers for Nana Girl
Arlington Square
Scrappy Stained Glass

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #36

Put the outer border on the Rhododendron Trail quilt.  ✔️

It's finished. I still need to make the backing.

Continue work on the Leader-Ender quilt. ✔️

That one is finished too.

I've decided I need to learn to love making quilt backs. Maybe I can't make full quilts for the backs, but I can make them nicer than plain. This is the backing I made for this quilt.

Start on the Rhododendron Trail lap quilt using the leftover blocks.  ✖️

I decided I'd like to make the backing for the large quilt before I get started on making any more lap quilts. I might end up using the extra blocks in the backing.

Keep cleaning my sewing room!

I've sort of been working on this. I'm currently working on an inventory of all my quilt flimsies. I'm trying to make sure I have batting and backing for each of them so I can quilt them as soon as possible after I get my long arm.

So far, I have found 16 unquilted flimsies and I'm working on assembling backings for those that don't already have them.

This coming week I am trying to avoid starting a new project. I'd like to work on:
  1.  Start ironing the mountain of fabric
  2.  Clean up the many piles of fabric laying around my room.
  3.  Assemble backings for the Rhododendron Trail Quilt and the Pieces of My Heart Quilt.
When I'm not sewing, I hope to get started on staining the new wainscoting down in the basement.
I've been waiting for the contractor to finish getting all the wood installed and then I'll be spending several days staining and varnishing the wood. The basement is so close to being finished. I am getting so excited for the delivery of my Handiquilter long arm.

I'm linking up with Tuesday ToDo.