Thursday, March 3, 2022

Mar One Monthly Goal

Our basement remodel is practically done so it is time for me to spend the next week or two staining the wood and doing whatever finish work down there before we start moving in. I might even do some stenciling while the space is empty. Therefore, I am going to have to keep my One Monthly Goal pretty small.

Anyway, I think I'll try to finish the blocks for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects. I love yellow and I am looking forward to pawing through my scraps some more.

As a reminder, these are the projects I am working on.
Flowers for Nana Girl
Arlington Square
Scrappy Stained Glass


  1. It looks like you got more than a small project done! Your quilts are beautiful! Good luck with basement redo!

  2. Good idea to do any decorating before you move gear in . .

    I particularly LOVE the stained glass project.