Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #36

Put the outer border on the Rhododendron Trail quilt.  ✔️

It's finished. I still need to make the backing.

Continue work on the Leader-Ender quilt. ✔️

That one is finished too.

I've decided I need to learn to love making quilt backs. Maybe I can't make full quilts for the backs, but I can make them nicer than plain. This is the backing I made for this quilt.

Start on the Rhododendron Trail lap quilt using the leftover blocks.  ✖️

I decided I'd like to make the backing for the large quilt before I get started on making any more lap quilts. I might end up using the extra blocks in the backing.

Keep cleaning my sewing room!

I've sort of been working on this. I'm currently working on an inventory of all my quilt flimsies. I'm trying to make sure I have batting and backing for each of them so I can quilt them as soon as possible after I get my long arm.

So far, I have found 16 unquilted flimsies and I'm working on assembling backings for those that don't already have them.

This coming week I am trying to avoid starting a new project. I'd like to work on:
  1.  Start ironing the mountain of fabric
  2.  Clean up the many piles of fabric laying around my room.
  3.  Assemble backings for the Rhododendron Trail Quilt and the Pieces of My Heart Quilt.
When I'm not sewing, I hope to get started on staining the new wainscoting down in the basement.
I've been waiting for the contractor to finish getting all the wood installed and then I'll be spending several days staining and varnishing the wood. The basement is so close to being finished. I am getting so excited for the delivery of my Handiquilter long arm.

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  1. Your new sewing space is going to be spectacular! I'm so happy for you. Love the wainscotting, and good luck with the staining. Your Rhododendron Trail quilt is beautiful. Did you use a pattern for your leader-ender quilt? LOVE it, and that backing is anything but plain. :D
    Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday!

    1. I had a pattern for the leader-ender quilt, but I didn't follow it at all. I wanted to use up a bunch of 4" squares and that pattern was perfect.

  2. That looks like a great backing for Rhododendron Trail! It's exciting to be getting ready for your longarm - lots to do!

    1. The backing is actually for the Broken Bricks quilt. I am currently assembling the backing for the Rhododendron Trail right now.

  3. Love your quilts! I got a long arm last summer and then ended up traveling so much after it came that I forgot everything they showed me when they installed it. So 2022 has been me determined to overcome my fear of such a wonderful tool. So far I have finished my third quilt and one more ready to load. The backings you showed are beautiful. Good luck with the new sewing space.

    1. I hope you give it another try. I'm sure you'll be able to find Youtube videos or something to help guide your way. Can the shop where you bought it help you more?