Thursday, March 31, 2022

Yellow RSC / March Wrap-Up

I barely had any time to sew this month because I had other house-related projects that I made myself work on before I would let myself start a new project. But, I also wanted to meet my One Monthly Goal commitment for the month, so I decided to squeeze in a day to sew as much as I could. 

For the first Bloom block, I actually used a light yellow then I decided it was too light so I ripped it apart and used a darker yellow fabric.

I only had ONE yellow batik fabric scrap for the Flowers for Nana Girl block, so that's what I used.
And I made nine more blocks for the Arlington Square quilt.
I was going to call it quits at that point, but then I decided to try making some Stained Glass blocks. I managed to finish seven blocks by this afternoon. For my project, I need 16 total. Since I have quite a few more in progress I'll probably be able to finish them during Friday Night With Friends.
This wraps up my March One Monthly Goal. I'll be linking up with Elm Street Quilts. I'll also link up with Needle & Thread Thursday and Finished or Not Friday.


  1. Wow! You certainly got a LOT of YELLOW/GOLD scrap sewing done!!

  2. You got a lot done for someone who didn't have time to sew. Good job!

  3. Nice!!!! For one day of sewing you were a Queen!!! Look at all those amazing blocks!