Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #45

My life has started to settle down again so I've been able to grab more time to sew. It's time to get back to my weekly goals and figure out what I'm in the mood to work on.

I have not done a great job on my last list, which included assembling the Desert Sunset quilt. I spent a while working on it, but I was having issues with the blocks not turning out the right size. My old sewing machine died while I was working on this project and my seams on the new machine are not turning out precisely the same, so my alternative is to tear blocks apart and fix them, or stuff the project into a UFO bin and deal with it later when I'm less frustrated with the project. And that's what I did. LOL

My brand new HandiQuilter long arm is also out of commission. We have had ongoing problems with the ProStitcher computer crashing in the middle of programs. That's not really a feature. So we took the tablet into the store for them to send back to HandiQuilter for repair. It was supposed to be back in two weeks, but when I called at two weeks, they hadn't even started working on it, so who knows how much longer it will be. Another source of frustration at the moment.

During the past week, I did manage to make most of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. I spent the entire weekend sewing and I managed to catch up with my green, blue, and orange blocks. So, I should be good to go for next month's color when it is released next week.
Arlington Square Blocks
Pattern from Pat Speth's Nickel Quilts book.
Bloom Blocks
Pattern by Kim Brackett, from her Scrap Basket Beauties book.
Flowers for Nana Girl Blocks
Pattern by Kim Brackett, from her Scrap Basket Sensations book.
For next week, I would like to:
Thanks to Linda for hosting the Tuesday ToDo link-up.


  1. I really like the pattern and colors of your first quilt--is it called Arlington Square? The secondary pattern the blocks make create additional interest.

    1. Yes, those are the Arlington Square blocks. I went through and labeled the photos now.

  2. Both of your block sets are so interesting. I too would like to know what they are called. I particularly like the top one.

  3. Well rats. Back to anonymous above... I'm brsinstitches@gmail.com

  4. I love the design those Arlington Square blocks make! Gosh that book sounds familiar, I'll have to check and see if I have it. That's too bad about your HQ. I've not adjusted yet to making 1/4" seams on my new machine either. It is frustrating and time consuming.
    Thank you for joining with us at To Do Tuesday!

  5. So many colorful, pretty blocks! Sorry about the HQ issues, I hope you get it back up and working soon!

  6. It's no fun when our toys don't play properly. I do hope you get your Handi quilter up and running again soon.
    Lots of lovely blocks.

  7. It's probably with your stove...