Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tuesday To-Do #46

I've been really busy the past week cleaning the house and trying to hire contractors but I did manage to spend a couple of days working on quilting projects.

I finally got my ProStitcher Tablet back from HandiQuilter, but it's still not working. Super irritating. On the bright side, the store also got a new HandiQuilter Infinity in their showroom and it's having the same problems so maybe now they'll be able to figure out what is causing it and will give us a fix.
I cut out three quilt kits before company arrived for the weekend. 
Since I had a friend for the weekend who wanted to sew, I pulled out one of the kits and started sewing it. The pattern is Blue Ridge Beauty by Bonnie Hunter and is from her Adventures with Leaders and Enders book. I decided to call my quilt Eggplant Enchantress. The rest of the blocks are finished except for the last seam, but I decided to futz around the direction of the seams before I put in the last seam so I will have less seam stacking in the final assembly.
For this coming week, I would like to:
  • Finish piecing the Eggplant Enchantress flimsy.
  • Nag SAVE Stores about a fix for my long arm. I need to become a squeaky wheel because I want this machine fixed.
  • Fix the backing on the Aged Elegance Quilt.
  • Maybe this will be the week I make a backing for the Graceful Moments lap quilt.
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  1. That's a shame about your tablet. I had to be a squeaky wheel when I first got my HQ longarm, because HQ did not apply the discount given when I purchased it, instead they only gave me part of the discount. And this was a discount they advertised! I made countless calls and kept getting promises but no action until finally someone listened and actually made it happen. I was not impressed! I hope you have much better luck than I did.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

    1. Yeah, I am not impressed with HandiQuilter right now. Their machines are too expensive to not work.

  2. In all my ranting, I forgot to say your Eggplant quilt is quite beautiful. :)

  3. Ooof, hope you're able to get it fixed asap! Frustrating! Love your eggplant quilt!