Saturday, February 20, 2021

Louisa's Plaid Dress

I joined Wendy et al again for this week's Friday Night Sew In. I decided to work on the doll dress I cut out during the power outage last week. This is Jeff's stuffed animal I gave him a very long time ago; she likes to dress to match the bed. LOL

I had forgotten how long it takes to gather ruffles by hand; it took me a couple hours to do all the ruffling with gathering seams. I didn't finish the dress until Saturday afternoon, but it's finally done. I'm looking forward to being able to work on my Aged Elegance quilt now.

The pattern I use is from a VERY OLD Simplicity pattern.
I was excited to receive this batik color chart in yesterday's mail. I have bought batik "solids" so many times based on the color I see on the screen and then when I received them they were the wrong color. Even though I spent about $14 for this panel, I am hoping this will actually save me money in the long run as I'll be able to select the correct color before I place an order.
Hoffman Digital 1895 Watercolor Color Card 36" Panel Multi
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  1. sweet little dress, the colour pieces looks like a lovely quilt!

  2. Such a pretty little dress! I thought the swatches were a quilt too at first! xx

  3. There is certainly a lot of work in that dress - it looks great! xx

    1. Yeah, it takes me most of a day to make this little outfit. Usually I put piping in the collar, but this time I just couldn't get it right so I skipped it this time.

  4. The bear's dress looks great and the colour card is a great idea!

  5. Love the little dress, so adorable. That colour chart sure looks like a quilt. Hugs, xx

  6. Hi Sharon, that's such a lovely dress on the bear. I'm sure that it will be greatly appreciated. Take care.

  7. The bear's dress is beautiful, it's obvious how much work goes into it.