Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Coping Behavior

I may have done something insane this month. In past years, when I was stressed, tired or stir crazy, I would eat. Now, apparently, I shop for fabric. Even though I really like Thousands of Bolts I don't often order from them because the shipping gets so expensive, but I do drop by fairly often and poke around and put stuff in the cart without actually buying the fabrics.

But, a couple of weeks ago I dropped in and noticed they were having a $6 fixed shipping sale. That got me poking around their website again. And then I noticed they had the Benartex Dog On It fabrics; I fell in love with those last year, but they were like $12.50 yard when I first saw them. Thousands of Bolts had them for $6/yard. SOLD! They didn't have the whole set but I bought what I could find.

And I may have gotten a little insane with the rest of my purchase. I have never spent so much on one order. Oops. (I can post this here because my husband doesn't read this blog yet. LOL)
Most of the pieces are only 1 yard, but a few are 2. I wanted to buy a lot more. LOL
Unfortunately, the one fabric I bought the most of is the one I like the least.
I put it in front of the display of what the fabric was supposed to look like. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a big fuss about how much it doesn't match.

And this is why I can't join a stashbuster. I'll be hard-pressed to even sew as much fabric as I've purchased this year. (This is not my first purchase, but I didn't take photos of the others.) I'm going to try to stop buying fabrics now; I'd better get sewing.

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