Saturday, February 13, 2021

More Quilt Planning

Even though I don't need more quilts, it's hard to resist making plans for more. And I love playing with Electric Quilt. There are worse ways to spend a pandemic. But I have decided to make quilts that are a little more difficult. I want the blocks to have lots of pieces or maybe difficult angles. I'd like to continue to improve my skill.

I have been trying for years to come up with designs for some sets I bought ages ago. They all have border prints and I've always struggled with ways to creatively use them, other than just sticking them around the outer border. I've made many quilt designs that I've discarded because I decided I didn't like them enough to make them. 

This set of fabric I bought in about 2000 at JoAnn's when we lived in Forest Grove to match our bedroom at the time. (Sadly, there is no name on the selvage.) While it won't match our current bedroom, these are my favorite colors so I will surely enjoy having a quilt made from them.

I have made so many attempts to find a pattern that would use all the different fabrics without being too awful. I hope I finally made one. 
This quilt is made up of frayed sawtooth blocks and has two different size frames; the large flower print will be in the larger frame. Hopefully, I have enough of the border print; the pattern calls for 2 yards and that's how much I have (crossing my fingers). If I end up with not quite enough, then I'll make blocks for the corners. 

The second set I bought when I was having a reproduction fabric binge not long after we moved in here. I ended up with a bunch of the Morris Meadows fabrics by Michele Hill for In The Beginning Fabrics.
I've been struggling with this set because I mostly have small pieces (a yard or so) in a variety of shades. But this week I discovered a website where Jenny Beyer offers a bunch of free quilt designs; she is famous for her amazing border prints, so I explored her designs thoroughly for options that would work for these border prints. I think her Midnight Garden design will work well for this Morris Meadows set.
This pattern is perfect because it needs less than a yard of each of the colored fabrics. And it uses pieces of most of the different fabrics I bought from the fabric line. And it will, hopefully, use up the border print. Anything left will just get mixed into the fabric stash.

And, finally, I have a set of Aged Elegance fabric by Danhul Nai for Wilmington Prints. I think I bought this set in around 2012 as well.  
While I was poking around looking for pansy quilt blocks I saw this pattern, called Pansies in Paradise by Debbie Beaves, and I thought it would work well for the Aged Elegance set. I like the striking secondary pattern.
And, on the bright side, I'll get to play with my new diamond rulers.


  1. Wow! Three lovely quilts in the planning there and some gorgeous fabrics. Have fun. xx

    1. Thanks Lin. I'm not really sure where in the queue these are going to go. They might just jump in front of some of my other projects. LOL