Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hex River Quilt Finished

This quilt went together quite fast for me. Since my husband designed this quilt, I made a special effort to get it made up for him ASAP. It ended up being longer than I expected; I'm thinking we probably should have just done three repeats of the hexes, but once I realized how long it was going to be I had already made all the panels and I didn't want to "waste" the fabric.
Hex River Quilt designed by Jeff Kidder
Hex River Quilt Center detail
I am going to send this one out to be machine quilted; I didn't like doing the last one. I don't have the right set up/space to deal with these large quilts.

By the time I add a backing and binding, this quilt will have used almost 11 yards of quilting cottons. The large funky parallelogram pieces around the outside "border" didn't use the fabric efficiently and I ended up with some large pieces of leftover fabric going into my scrap bin. Oh well.

I seem to be up to 26 yards on my quilting cotton stash busting efforts, so I clearly set the bar too low; I'll make my annual goal of 30 yards probably before the end of the first quarter! The 60 yards may be the goal I need to shoot for, but I didn't expect to spend the entire month of February piecing quilts when I made the goal.

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