Thursday, February 7, 2013

Space Crystal Hex Quilt

The Stashbusting Love Challenge seemed like a good excuse to make this hex quilt for my husband.

I first finished it rectangular like the pattern said to . . .
. . . but then my husband admitted he'd prefer it to be hexagon-shaped. So, at his request, I remade the borders.
But, after making two sets of borders, I really didn't have enough of the navy blue for the backing, so I decided to be a little more creative.

I actually had a center hex block that I originally made for the front, but then wasn't happy with, but it was fine for the backing. And the blue border around the center hex block was made from the "scraps" from the first border.
This project uses up another 4⅓ yards from my stash.

I'm going to try quilting this one myself, if I can. I'll practice first and if I don't think I can do it, I'll take it out to my local machine quilter.

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