Friday, February 15, 2013

Hex River Quilt

Every year or two, Jeff gets inspired to design a quilt for me; this is his fourth. I, of course, do my best to make it. This is his current design (inspired by my recent project). He calls it the hex river.
For the last quilt he designed, he gave me precise cutting directions and numbers of pieces. For this one, I'm mostly on my own. The hex is more or less the same as the last project, but I need to construct it differently. I'll also have to figure out some of the specific lengths of the long pieces after I've gotten things sewn together.

He did make me some convenient assembly plans so I could build it with strips.
I was planning to start this today, but I've got a head cold. I'm thinking that may not be the best time to start something this complicated. Here are the fabrics he's chosen.

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