Sunday, February 28, 2021

Feb End of Month Update

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting the 2021 WOOFA challenge; it helps motivate me to finish my UFOs. I find it fun to start projects but I often don't get around to finishing them without some extra prodding. 

I can't believe February is already over. This month went so fast. Despite the short month, I made a lot of good progress on my WOOFA list.

I finished binding the Queen's Jewel Quilt and I made four sets of matching pillowcases. I also made a matching dress for Jeff's stuffed dog, Louisa.

I finished binding my (Lenton Rose) Batik Flower Quilt and I made two sets of matching pillowcases. Next time I'm in the mood, I'll make a dress that matches this quilt.

I finished binding the Fire Dance quilt and I made two sets of matching pillowcases. I'd also like to make a matching dress for this quilt too eventually.

I finished binding my Harvest Gathering Quilt and I made two sets of pillowcases. This is the photo from the long arm quilter; I still need to lay it out on a bed to take photos.

And, finally, I finished binding my Xmas Quilt and I made one set of pillowcases. I would still like to make one more set of pillowcases but I need to dig out the fabric. I also haven't taken photos of this one.


  1. Wow, you had a busy month, with lots of great progress and finishing - well done. I especially love the Lenten Rose quilt.

    1. Thank you. I used to let quilts sit around for months before I would finish the binding. The OMG really helped make me get them done.