Monday, December 26, 2022

RSC 2023 Plans

2022 was the first time I participated in Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I learned some things about what I like and what I don't. I've been thinking about how I want to approach 2023. I've realized I don't like super-scrappy projects and I think I need to constrain the colors on my projects to only two or three colors or more carefully plan projects with lots of colors.

For my projects, I want to pick my border fabric and then make the quilt in colors to match, instead of making a quilt and then trying to find something to use for the border. (That is how I end up buying more fabric when I already have mountains of stash.) When a new color is announced, I'll go find a fabric in my stash that will work for the border then pick scraps to go with it.

I do have one project I've been thinking about working on but I won't be able to sew blocks as I go along. I'll be cutting out pieces and then sewing them up at the end. This is the pattern and fabric I'm hoping to use for the border.

I think I will be making blocks for this project. I likely won't be using this border fabric again, but I didn't have the actual fabric imported into Electric Quilt.

And I hope to continue working on my Stained Glass quilt. Last year I finished the red and yellow blocks before it got too hot during the summer to run the iron all day.

I probably will make some really scrappy lap quilts throughout the year, but I'll make them for Comfort Quilts for our local quilt guild and I'll finish them and pass them on throughout the year.

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  1. The tumbler quilt looks like beautiful 3D quilt, happy stitching!