Saturday, December 17, 2022

Trying to Finish Two More

 ...before the end of the year. I can probably make it. 

This is the Arlington Square quilt pattern. It's a nickel quilt designed by Pat Speth from her Nickel Quilts book. I will admit I accidentally made a change to the pattern that hasn't really turned out. In Pat's original design, she used scrappy squares through the block, not three-in-a-row as I've done here. I'm not entirely sure how I ended up making that change. It was unintentional and it did not improve the pattern.

Anyway, I spent the year making block parts with the rainbow scrap challenge and I'm trying to get this project finished before the end of the year so I can start fresh next year.

Here is where I am at. I made the border pieces then realized I'd need to make a couple more. I'll need to fit my inside sashing to make the blocks work, but I need the finished measurement first. I am not good at the math, but I'll give it my best shot to get this to fit right. 

Then, once I am done with this one, I get to do it all again, because I have another set of this many big blocks. LOL The race is on to finish them both by the end of the month.

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  1. I understand completely about making an intentional or unintentional change to a pattern and it causing problems. I hope you can get both quilts completed by the end of the year. That accomplish will give you a good start to 2023, happy stitching!

    1. I've been doing great at finishing UFOs and rainbow scrap projects this month. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish these as well.

  2. oh that looks good! and I'm trying to finish one too... many ufo's left but I want to finish one!LeeAnna

  3. It's a fun and bright set of blocks. I like your border choice for this project. Fingers crossed you get both finished before the end of the year.

  4. what would our life be without UFO's 😄this is going to be a beautiful finish !