Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Tuesday ToDo #76

Sorry, I've been extra flaky about posting blog posts this summer. My motivation to keep moving along on my lists has been flagging. My last todo list was a whole month ago. Oops.

Finish the quilting on the Flapper's Fancy (Deco Elegance) quilt, which needs to be done by the first week of August. ✔️

Create quilt labels for all the quilts.  ✔️

Bind my stack of quilts - six in total.

I've only finished three of them: The Flapper's Fancy, Midnight Mosaic and Comet's Revival. I still need to get new photos of the finished quilts.

Complete my insulated shopping tote, which is this month's UFO.

Yeah, I failed on that too. The inset zipper is giving me fits. I made a new zipper unit and it still didn't fit in the bag right. I was very careful to follow her directions exactly so I'm not sure why I'm having so many problems. In the end, I've decided to finish the current bag without a zipper and try again with one of ByAnnie's zipper bag projects. My last two ByAnnie bags went together perfectly and I had no problems following her directions.

I've ordered her Every Day Every Way Bag pattern and I'll try making it with special insulated batting for my husband to shop with. I'm hoping I'll get started as soon as the pattern arrives.

My list for the upcoming week:

  1. Bind Rose Lane
  2. Bind Cosmic Cabin
  3. Bind Flower Paths
  4. Bind Unicorn Panel
  5. Quilt the fabrics for the Every Day Every Way Bag (you quilt the fabric and then you cut out the bag).

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