Tuesday, August 8, 2023

August's UFO

I joined our local quilt guild's UFO challenge this year and I've been doing a great job at working my way through my list of 12 UFOs. This month's draw is quilting up the Morris Garden quilt flimsy I finished in Nov 2021. 

I don't have a backing figured out yet, so I'll need to dig around and see if I already have something that will work. I hope so, I hate making backings from smaller pieces.

I've been working on a quilting plan for a couple months and I think I finally mostly have one. I'm still not happy with the outer border, but so far I haven't found a better option in my pantograph library. This border fabric is just so wide that most of the coordinating borders don't look good on it. I might try playing with a multiple border design to see if I can figure out something I like better.

I did edit a pantograph to assemble that funky filler shape.


  1. This quilt is beautiful! It is definitely time to be completely finished, happy stitching!

    1. Thanks Gretchen. Now I just need to talk myself into getting it on the long arm. =)