Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Oops, Fabric Binge

This past weekend I went shopping with a friend. We started out at a Quilter's Guild sale and I was really good: I bought rulers, books and a few patterns. My friend dug through a huge scrap bin and pulled out a bunch of purple scraps, and I did buy that for $1. And I bought a couple of larger solid fabric pieces for backings, but otherwise I stayed away from the fabric. Yay me.

Then she brought me to JoAnn Fabrics for their Doorbuster sale. I have to be honest, I don't do much shopping at JoAnn's anymore. I prefer quilt-shop quality fabrics, and I mostly buy from Hancock's Paducah, but I am not morally opposed to buying fabric from JoAnn's quilting section. Most of their fabric is a good value and fabric has gotten very expensive in recent years.

Anyway, I started off pretty well. I followed my friend around and didn't see anything I had to pick up, but then she pulled out this dragon fabric with purple background. OMG, I love dragons and my favorite color is purple so, yes, I had to buy it. (Strangely, the JoAnn receipt and website says it's Dragons and Stars on Navy, but you can pretty clearly see, that is not navy.)

And then it was like the damn broke, I started picking up all the fabrics. I was obviously in the mood for rainbows.

Digi Tile Blender (l) and Bright Swirls (r)

In the end, I bought 38.5 yards. Sigh, it didn't erase all my progress for the year, but I sure did make a dent in it. Oh well.

With this purchase, I'll go ahead and update my Stash Report:

I used nearly 11 yards on the front, back and binding of the Rose Lane quilt.

I used a bit more than 4.5 yards for the backing and binding of the Flapper's Fancy quilt. (Stay tuned for the post that shows the front of it.)

And I quilted up a little panel as a Comfort Quilt gift. It was a total of 2.25 yards for the front, back and binding.

That brings the total for the year to 105 yards used! Subtract out the two purchases of 75.75 and it brings the total to 32.25 yards used for the year. A little disappointing compared to my last report, but it is much better than the past few previous years where I was up hundreds of yards. At least I'm down for the year. =)


  1. I've been buying more fabrics from JoAnn's this year also. You've selected some lovely fabrics, happy stitching!

    1. They closed our local store so I rarely go there anymore, but I was obviously in the mood for rainbows. I do hope to use those fabrics in future Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.

  2. Sometimes you just have to refresh the stash a bit. You found some fun fabrics. I look forward to seeing that dragon fabric in a project.

    1. Me too! I've been thinking about what I want to make with it. Probably another lap quilt. The last lap quilt I made with dragon fabric has gotten very tired looking.