Thursday, July 6, 2023

Quick Quilted Panel

A while back I purchased a couple of panels intending to use them as backings for quilts I was hoping to make for my husband's niece's kids. However, after seeing photos of the kids over the weekend, I realized my window for crafting them "baby" quilts had already passed. It's funny how quickly they grow!

In an effort to avoid working on this month's UFO yesterday, I decided to put one of the panels on the long arm, quilt it, and donate it to Comfort Quilts. I'm pleased with the result and the fact it will now bring comfort to someone in need.

This particular panel is available from Marshall Dry Goods

I used a remnant of 100% poly batting I had lying around and orchid Maxi-Lock serger thread, primarily because I had some leftover bobbins from another project. The edge-to-edge design I utilized was Briar Rose Pearls from MyCreativeStitches.

Now that I'm done with this diversion, maybe I can loop back around and work on my insulated shopping bag. I'm sure once I get going it will go fairly quickly.

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