Thursday, August 31, 2023

Morris Garden Quilted!

Hip-hip-hooray! 🎉 I managed to get this beauty quilted just in the nick of time—right before the month's close. Binding, however, will wait until after I do my next round of quilt labels. 

It's another really big quilt so it's hard to hold it up to get a good photo.
The quilting shows up better in dim light

This project pushed me into uncharted waters, throwing me design and alignment curveballs. It was a fantastic practice session, letting me flex and explore the alignment tools of my ProStitch long arm computer. What a relief it is to wrap up this quilt—it's been patiently waiting, making it the last 'flimsy' in my pile, urging me to summon the courage to quilt it.

For those who are interested in the details, I used Quilter's Dream 70-30 batting and Madeira Aeroquilt Quilting Thread in the Variegated Amazon color.  I had second thoughts about the thread—it blended almost too seamlessly, making the lovely pantographs a tad discreet. But, all's well.

For those who've been following my journey, you'll recall this quilt is inspired by Jenny Beyer's Midnight Garden pattern, which is generously available for free. My rendition came to life using the Morris Meadows fabric collection from 2012, a beautiful creation by Michele Hill.

Here's the list of pantographs used in this quilt::

  • Octostar 6 by Karlee Porter in all the 8-pointed stars.
  • The Outburst Set from A Bit Orange was used in the kaleidoscope squares/triangles.
  • Radiate corner (with small edits) from Christy Dillon for all the sorta kite-shaped filler spots. (It's a convex bilaterally symmetrical quadrilateral, according to my husband. LOL)
  • Arc and Pointed Loop Mirrored P2P by Diane Graf Henry for the dark green sashing inside of the outer border fabric. (No link available, came with my long arm software.) 
  • Loves Me Loves Me Not 2 by Christy Dillon was used for the outside border. It's a edge-to-edge pantograph, but I just used a single row of it and mitered the ends.

This is roughly as quilted (there are some alignment issues in this diagram that I didn't take the time to fix).
This is me exhaling a sigh of relief and looking around to see what's next.

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful! What a great finish to the month of August.

  2. Gorgeous! It's a wonder almost finish.

  3. All I can say is wow. Fabulous quilt from start to finish.

  4. Your quilt is stunning. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.