Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #48

 My list from last week:

I got started on quilting one of the Broken Bricks quilts, this was the one made with the Groovy Garden border fabrics. I am still trying to learn my longarm software so I planned it out again. What I've learned is I really need to learn how to deal with small sashings. When I make the design I think the border quilting will cover the sashing as well, but then I do the quilting and it really doesn't. The same happened here.
It's going to be another pretty back on this one.
This was the simple plan on this one. An edge-to-edge in the
center portion then a border pantograph around the outside.
The quilting is mostly finished but I've left it on the frame until I decide if I'm going to go over the narrow white sashing with another pattern.

I also got started on my Unbeweavable UFO project. When I cleaned up earlier this year I had thrown all the extra bits and fabrics into a project tub and I finally pulled it out. I actually had to arrange the whole quilt to see if I had everything. I did have to spend an hour or two disassembling pieces to recover one of the fabrics but it's now ready for sewing. I think I've also cut enough of the black triangles, but since they're so easy to cut out with my Cricut, I'm just going to sew what I have for now then cut more if I need them.
Lastly, I had a conversation with Donna Kleinke over at One Song Needle Arts. She is the one who made the pantographs that I want to use for my Deco Elegance Quilt. This one.
These pantographs are from her Art Deco line. If you look at her site, there is not a lot there. I actually made that triangle from the full block. I asked her if she would make some more pantographs in that style and she said she would. So now I have decided to delay quilting my Deco Elegance quilt until I see what she brings out later this year. My Aunt can wait a few more months for her quilt. LOL

So, here is my updated list:
  • Work on more blue RSC blocks? 
  • Pillowcase for Kitty's Aged Elegance quilt 
  • Finish quilting and binding the Groovy Garden lap quilt
  • Work on Jeff's insulated grocery shopping bag
  • Work on the Unbeweavable lap quilt
Thanks to Linda for hosting the Tuesday ToDo link up. Drop by if you want to see what everybody else is working on.


  1. Sharon that Broken Bricks quilt is gorgeous! Your quilting is really pretty and very inspiring. Your Unbelievable quilt is so striking. Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!

  2. Wow! That is some pretty quilting, showing up well on the back of Broken Bricks. & future plans. Will the pantographs be continuous line? I just can't imagine doing that quilting! Bravo!

    1. I bought the computer with my long arm so it's fairly easy to do the quilting. My main challenge at the moment is learning how to mark the quilting areas and getting them to match the quilt.

  3. I like the unweaveable. Some day I want to do a quilt with the 3-D effect.