Thursday, September 29, 2022

So Many Dragons!

My husband and I had our flu shot and shingles vaccination a couple days ago and it hit us rather hard. Usually, I would lay around in front of the television, but this time I decided to go flop in front of my sewing machine and sew together one of the quilt "kits" I cut out last month. It's another Broken Bricks pattern. I had different options, but I decided to go for the easiest.

I was able to finish the quilt yesterday and then today I realized I had a quilt backing remnant that was almost exactly the size I needed so I went and put it on the long arm. 

I didn't have a plan when I loaded the quilt, but I realized very quickly that this quilt was almost exactly the right size to stitch out my Dragons Galore panel set. I was able to fit all 4 of them with very little size adjustment.

I was really scraping to come up with enough fabric for
the binding. There are quite a lot of seams. LOL
As usual, it's difficult to see the quilting. This is the pattern I stitched out on this quilt. I love it!
Dragon's Galore 4 panel set by Judy Lyon
I've already finished binding it. I'm sort of impressed, feeling as crummy as I did, that I went from a pile of scraps to a finished lap quilt in two days. LOL

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  1. For someone who is feeling crumby, that's good going.

    1. Thanks, I thought so too. It does help that all I really have to do is load the quilt and then start the computer. And make sure it has thread. =)

  2. How awesome is that quilting pattern! Maybe someday a pro-stitcher can be in my tool box, but for now excited to get my larger frame on Tuesday!!

    1. I love my ProStitcher computer. I can actually start it stitching and then go off and do something else. Though, not too far away because I have to watch to make sure it doesn't run out of bobbin thread. LOL