Saturday, September 3, 2022

Sept One Monthly Goal

Now that the long arm is working again, I can safely make plans for September. Jeff is going to be visiting a whole lot of family members in early October, so I'd really like to finish whatever quilts need to go with him to California.

Specifically, the Aged Elegance quilt is going to be gifted to Jeff's Aunt. Once he is finished with the quilting, I'd like to get the binding put on it.

Also, my Aunt Pat asked for the Deco Elegance quilt so I'd also like to get that one quilted and bound before Jeff's trip.

This is probably an easy goal, but with so much going on with house projects, I think I'd better keep the list small.

Thanks to Patty at Elm Street Quilts for hosting the linkup.


  1. You and Jeff sound like a good team!!! Luck family, too. Beautiful quilts.

    1. I'm still surprised he has any interest in using the long arm, but I'm going to let him quilt as much as he wants to before he gets bored. It's nice to still have time to quilt.

  2. Beautiful quilts. And I totally understand house projects taking up sewing time. Good luck.