Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Craft Tote Progress

I decided I need to make some sort of project carrier for my EPP (English paper piecing) projects. After I found the byAnnie pattern at the Fat Quarter Shop, A Place for Everything 2.0, I decided it would be perfect.

For my primary print fabric, I chose the black Moda Wildflowers fabric because it coordinated with the black zipper yardage I had ordered. It is quilted with a purple batik. I wanted the interior storage "pages" to be a lighter color so I decided to use white fabric, quilted with the purple batik on the back side.

Since I've ordered a long arm, it was probably insane to quilt these on my home machine but I don't have the long arm yet and I was impatient to get this bag made. It took me most of a day to quilt those diamonds. But I did get to take advantage of a neat trick I read about recently: The Pilot Frixion Gel Ink pens have ink that will disappear when you apply heat, so I was able to draw the diamond grid onto the fabric, sew the lines, and then iron the fabric to make the lines disappear. It was amazing! I did make a few mistakes on the first piece I sewed, but I had it all figured out for the rest of the pieces.

Yesterday, I cut out the rest of the pieces. I'll be honest, it took quite a while to prep all the parts of the bag. It has more than a dozen zippers! 

Hopefully, now that everything is ready, I should be able to just sit down and sew it this coming week. 

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  1. looks like a great bag for your epp! love the diamond quilting motif!