Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #55

I thought I was going to get tons done during the past couple of weeks. I was wrong. On the night of FNWF, I started to feel sick. I shouldn't have stayed up so late. And I stayed up too late on Saturday too. By Sunday, I was wiped out with a severe cold/flu. I don't think it was COVID because my home test came up negative, but they've been known to be wrong. But it has been pretty bad and I haven't been able to do much of anything.

A few days ago I thought I was better and spent most of the day sewing and making 12 of my Providence blocks, but then I clearly overdid it and felt crummy the next day so there wasn't any more progress.

I think I am finally better enough that I can start expecting to have the energy to sew again. Today I had to spend catching up on errands, like grocery shopping, but I think I'm mostly done now. I hope to finish up the rest of the 8 Providence blocks and then I can get started making all the filler triangles.

I am still hopeful to be able to finish this quilt by the end of the month, but if this cold doesn't go away the finish will be delayed.

My list for the rest of the month:
  • Finish 8 more Providence Blocks
  • Finish the 18 Filler Triangles
  • Assemble the quilt!
  • Load the Paducah Quilt on the Long Arm so I can work on that while I sew the blocks.
Thanks to Linda for hosting the Tuesday ToDo linkup.


  1. So sorry you were ill. There's a lot of stuff going around right now. Your Providence blocks are looking good. Fingers crossed you feel well enough to make major progress on those this week.

    1. It's the season. At least I'm prepped and ready for when I feel better.

  2. What a bummer you got sick! Those colds/flu things are hard to recover from, the energy level just lags, so please take it easy on yourself. (My helicopter Mom-ish-ness just won't go away - lol!) Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday, and get well soon!