Monday, November 21, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #56

I made more progress on my current quilt over the weekend. I was happy to get all the larger filler triangles finished. Now, I only have the 4 small ones for the corners left, but I can add those after I've assembled all the rest of the blocks.

As I was assembling the filler triangles, I ran out of the pre-cut blue triangles
so I started using leftover squares. I'll trim off the excess at the end.
Also on my list for last week, I started loading the Paducah quilt on my long arm, but I realized the 108"-wide backing had shrunk so much, it was barely wider than the 98" quilt itself. (Do any of you know of brands of extra-wide quilt backs that don't shrink so much?) So I added muslin pieces to the edges, but I actually made them too wide, and then it was about 2"-wider than my 10'-frame and I needed to fold over an edge. So it was a struggle to get it loaded straight enough. While I did eventually get the backing on my frame, I think I'll probably end up taking it off and cutting down the muslin strips so they aren't wider than my frame. I am not confident I got it loaded straight enough and I'd rather try again after I remove a couple of inches. I'll get back to this quilt in December.

And now that Marianne's quilt is close enough to be ready to quilt, I'll just let it jump the queue and get quilted next. If I can get this quilt assembled by Thursday, there should be time to quilt it. Since it's a gift for his mother, my husband Jeff is actually going to quilt this one and he'll likely have time off work over the Thanksgiving holiday. 

I will be very pleased if I still manage to finish my One Monthly Goal, despite being sick for more than two weeks.

With that in mind, my list for the coming week:

  • Finish Assembling Marianne's quilt and add the borders
  • Assemble the backing
  • Get it on the Long Arm frame
  • Make the Binding
  • Try Making a Quilt Label (this will be my first time)

I'm linking up with Design Wall Monday and Tuesday ToDo.


  1. That is such a pretty quilt. I add pieces of fabric to the ends and sides of my quilts almost every time, even though I think I'm adding width and length when I make the backing. I know I don't get things as even or straight as I should but hoping that will change as I get better at this! I look forward to seeing your Paducah finish. Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Linda. Thanks for hosting the linkup and helping me stay on track with my goals.