Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #54

I've finished quilting both the Snake River log cabin quilt and the Unbeweavable lap quilt. Once they're totally finished, I'll write a post with more details.

I'm having a hard time prioritizing my projects for the coming week because I want to work on everything at once, obviously. So, I think I'll just make my list, in no particular order, and work on what I feel like working on.

  • Bind the Broken Bricks lap quilt.
  • Bind the Unbeweavable lap quilt.
  • Bind the Snake River log cabin quilt.
  • Figure out the plan for Marianne's bed quilt. (I'm not happy with the current plan so I'm reworking it.)
  • Quilt the Paducah log cabin quilt after the wide backing comes.
  • Figure out where I'm at on the RSC blocks. If I have enough, start putting them together.

I'm linking up with TuesdayToDo.


  1. Good luck with your to do list this week.

    1. Thanks Kate. I'm finding it difficult to not get distracted.

  2. I like your listing of projects in no particular order. I feel the same, I want to work on everything at once. Love the name of the Unbeweavable lap quilt - it looks fantastic! Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!