Sunday, November 27, 2022

Attempting Quilt Labels

As Jeff approaches the end of the long arm quilting his mother's quilt (we decided to name it Dunrobin), I figure I'd better get cracking on the quilt label. Eventually, it would be nice to figure out something more permanent, like embroidery, but at the moment I have to use what I have.

I found a really good video by Lisa Capen where she compares all her different methods of affixing laser printing on fabric so I decided to give her method a try. 

First, I did a couple trial printouts on paper to see if I liked the size and style of the fonts. Then I attached muslin to a full-sheet label and printed them as she suggested.

One of the labels smudged when I attempted to remove it from the label before heat-setting the toner so I didn't do that again. 
Then I soaked all the labels in Retayne for 20 minutes and ironed them dry. I'm not convinced these will last a long time with regular washing, but hopefully, they will last a few years and maybe I'll be able to eventually replace them with something more durable.

I am prepped and ready to start sewing on bindings and I'm pushing to finish the Dunrobin quilt before the end of the month. Really, though, it would be nice to finish before Tuesday so I can report the finish on my recurring ToDo list blog post.

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