Saturday, May 8, 2021

Finger Lakes Quilt Started

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting the monthly Friday Night With Friends. I was happy to be able to join again this month. I spent another 3 hours cutting out my green and cream pieces and am finally finished. It took about 6 hours total to cut all these little pieces.

Last time, when I made the Snake River quilt flimsy, I mostly made each block one at a time. This time, I am making the blocks with more of an assembly line process. I need to make 24 of these.
During FNWF, I got the center sections assembled.
Even though it feels like it is taking longer, I believe this will save me quite a bit of time over the entire project as I'll spend less time trying to figure out the next piece. Though, it is possible it will be more boring. I will soon find out.

I'm also linking up with Finished (or Not) Fridays and Whoop Whoop. You all have a good weekend.


  1. WoW... you accomplished a lot...well done...
    I think you'll be happy that you've chosen this method too.
    Thanks for stopping in for FNwF... xox

  2. Wow, that's a great block pattern, lots of pieces to it.

  3. What a unique block! And good for you for figuring out a system!

  4. Great to have all the cutting done and you also managed to do lots of sewing...