Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tuesday ToDo #12

It's been another week. I cannot believe how fast weeks are flying by right now. I guess it feels faster when you keep busy.  My list from last week:

1.    Sewcialiates Block #30. ✔︎

2.    Finish cutting out the Finger Lakes log cabin quilt.  ✔︎

Complete, for the most part. I'll probably have to cut out a few more pieces along the way, but I have finished cutting everything I planned to do beforehand.

I also spent a couple days sewing the logs on one of the sets of blocks. 

I also finally did our taxes. 

Other than that, we finally finished my closet so I spent most of the week working on unpacking. I have an insane amount of square dance clothes; some of them definitely need to be cut up and made into quilts. Or I need to start dancing again. LOL

I couldn't fit quite all the skirts. They are packed tight on that bar.
Some downsizing is definitely needed here.

I am getting my second covid shot tonight so I am going to keep my expectations low for the week. 

1.    Finish the first set of 24 blocks for the Finger Lakes log cabin quilt. They need three more edge pieces which I can probably finish in a couple of days. This is the goal.

2.    Cut up wool scraps into 6" squares. During my unpacking and basement sifting efforts, I found three large tubs of brocade and wool scraps. I decided to send most of the scraps to a textile recycler, but I think I will cut the nicer wool scraps into squares and eventually make some sort of rag quilt out of them. 

Thanks to Chris for hosting Tuesday ToDo. It has helped me set and keep weekly goals.


  1. The Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt is going to be amazing! Those are really pretty colors!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm happy with the colors so far.