Monday, May 31, 2021

May OMG Fail

I had expected we would have to wait until late summer to get our vaccine when I made my plan for May's One Monthly Goal. But we were both fortunate to get our shots early in May and then our attention turned to seeing other people again and getting out of the house.

We spent a pretty solid three weeks sifting and cleaning to get our house presentable again. We made two dumps runs and a couple charity donations. We've started having friend visits, plus we hosted a BBQ for Memorial Day weekend. 

While I am bummed to fail on this goal, I did go ahead and finish the Sewcialites Quilt Along early. I didn't want two projects sitting around unfinished all summer.

This is as far as I got on the Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt, plus cutting everything out. This is 24 of the center blocks, almost finished. They all need two more sides, and then some of them need a third edge for the pattern. 

Oh well. I will get back to it later this year, after we've had our fill of visiting and adventuring. You all have a good summer!

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