Sunday, June 30, 2024

Some Paid Gigs

I've had a few paid quilting jobs during spring that I neglected to mention. Luckily some folks are still being productive!

Catitude quilted with Ada E2E
Quilted with Feather Garden B2B
Flutter quilted with Christmas Paisley B2B
Quilted with the Razor E2E
Quilted with Broken Glass E2E
Quilted with Tiger Stripes E2E
Quilted with Quick & Easy Stars 2
Quilted with Bread & Butter Swirl

Now that I see all these in one post, I guess I did quite a few. Since I've done nothing to promote my business, I'm not doing too bad.

I also took delivery on six charity quilts from Quilts Beyond Borders so I'll be posting those photos as well over the next couple of weeks as I work my way through them.

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