Monday, July 1, 2024

July One Monthly Goal

I keep trying to kickstart my Quilting Mojo and it just hasn't worked. I think I'm weighed down by the unfinished projects cluttering up my quilting studio so it's time to finish some of them. So, for my July One Monthly Goal, I'd like to finish binding the four quilts that are sitting in a pile waiting.

Flower Paths

Cosmic Cabin

Chocolates and Roses

Broken Bricks
Some of these quilts I finished more than a year ago, so it's time to get them done and out of the pile.


  1. It's amazing how a "win" can help you get your mojo back. Hopefully attacking that binding pile will be that for you.

  2. Well, if you have to do all the binding, at least you have gorgeous quilts to work with. Good luck with them and finding your mojo, and thanks for linking up.