Saturday, June 8, 2024

Making Stencils

I've been playing with creating full-size stencils from stencil catalogs dating from the early 1900s (the period my house was built). I would like to add stencils in my living room and dining room. I've been blogging about it over at my house blog if anyone is interested.

I've already stencilled all the bedrooms upstairs, and now, finally, I'd like to also stencil the main floor common rooms.

I think my current favorite for the living room is this one from the Excelsior catalog from 1924.

I've been enjoying making several different options and once I get started, I'm hoping I'll stencil the frieze in the dining room as well.

My current plan is to pull out my Cricut and see if it will cut the 7.5mil mylar. If it will not, I'll be sending the files to my brother who will cut them with his laser cutter. 

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