Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tuesday To Do #17

Last week I filled my To Do list with tasks I didn't think I would actually get to, but I did. I guess my motivation to sew is pretty high right now since I'm close to finishing a complicated project.

1.    Assemble the central portion of the Finger Lakes log cabin quilt. ✔︎

2.    Start piecing the border blocks. ✔︎

I am nearing the end of the Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt. I finished piecing the central portion early last week.

Then I built the strips and blocks for the border during the later part of the week. What a miserable project that was; I couldn't believe how many mistakes I made. Clearly, there was some failure in my process when I was prepping the strips. I did more ripping than I've done in a very long time, but the blocks are done and I do love them, but I am going to take a couple days off this project. I'll try to get it done by Friday for TGI Finished Friday. LOL

3.    Rework the hanging hooks on the design wall. ✔︎

I have plaster walls in my house so I'm unwilling to drive screws into them to mount this so I actually installed picture hangers along the top edge of the foam and suspended it from the picture rail with picture rail hooks. It works well enough. It's not a very large design wall, but it's much better than nothing. 

4.    Continue to sew the Meadow Flower blocks when we're out of the house. ✔︎

5.    Cut out the Irish Chain blocks for the Meadow flower lap quilt.  ✔︎

And I've obviously made some progress on my meadow flower lap quilt. I'm happy with how this is turning out too and I'm definitely going to do more EPP projects in the future. It's a great little handwork project for when I'm away from home.

For next week, I would like to:
  1. Assemble the long border pieces for the Finger Lakes log cabin.
  2. Finish the Finger Lakes log cabin flimsy.
  3. Assemble the backing for the Finger Lakes log cabin quilt.
  4. Continue sewing the Meadow Flower blocks when we're out of the house.
  5. Start figuring out how to cut out the Unbeweavable Lap Quilt (from my WOOFA 2021 list). I had to change the color scheme because I didn't have enough of the fabric I originally planned.

    This is the current fabric palette, but I may make
    some changes if I find fabrics that work better.
Thanks to Chris for hosting the Tuesday ToDo linkup. Also, thanks to Judy for hosting Design Wall Mondays linkup. Drop on by if you want to see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. I love the way that quilt hops off into the borders! Great fabrics for it, too.

    1. Thanks. I do too. I'm looking forward to getting started on it.

  2. Your Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt looks amazing! I'm sorry the border gave you such fits, though - that is frustrating. Pretty colors for the new project, too!

    1. It was mostly self-inflicted. I should have gotten organized sooner a double-checked my work more.

  3. That Finger Lakes quilt is soooo pretty. I'm glad you still like it after all the ripping. Beautiful colors you've chosen for that very funnily named quilt. I really like your Meadow Flower blocks.

    1. Yeah, that is a really weird name. I'm not sure why Judy Martin chose that name for it. Once I'm totally finished, I may give the quilt a new name. =)

  4. You have sent my down the rabbit hole with that picture of the Unbeweavable quilt! The pattern and template are now on a wish list on Amazon. I'll be following you to see what you do next!

    1. That happened to me too! LOL But I couldn't actually use the templates because I wanted to make the blocks smaller so I'm going to cut out all those little pieces with the Cricut and sew them together.