Wednesday, July 21, 2021

More EPP Projects

As I approach the end of my current English Paper Piecing project, I thought I should start trying to figure out the next one. I poked around in Electric Quilt for projects I designed in the past to see if any could find any that were suitable. I found a couple that I think I will try.

This is a Kaleidoscope Quilt block I found in BlockBase+ (it's block 4004). I printed out templates on cardstock and I'll drag them to a BBQ this coming weekend and start cutting them up. I'm not sure of the final colors as I'll probably have my husband help me pick what he likes. (Purple is my favorite, not his.)

I also thought this little quilt would be fun and pretty easy. The colors may change on this one too. I don't have all my fabrics in EQ right now, so once I get upstairs and start pawing through my stash I might find something I like better.
Both of these blocks are from BlockBase+, though I actually edited the flower one to remove some lines to make it easier to EPP.
Block #2135,
Japanese Poppy by Nancy Cabot
I removed some lines to
have fewer pieces.
To prep for this one, I already cut out the cardstock shapes with my Cricut Maker 3. Gosh, I love that machine already. It only took me an hour or two to cut out all the pieces for all of the blocks. And once I figure out what fabrics I want to use, I'll also cut them out with the Cricut.

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  1. Wow! I do a bit of EPP, but wow! These projects are beautiful and look challenging! They are truly stunning!

    1. Yeah, they might be a challenge. I'll probably start with the easier one first so I can get a bit more practice before I tackle the kaleidoscope project.