Monday, March 8, 2021

Electric Quilt Obsessing

I think I bought Electric Quilt in Dec 2011, but I never really learned how to use it well. I learned the bare minimum to put in blocks and import fabrics. I never tried to make designs that had different size blocks nor anything with appliqué. But now that I have it on my laptop, it's hard to resist playing with Electric Quilt all the time.

The company offers a whole bunch of free patterns on their website, and I've been poking through them to see if anything appeals. Last night I opened up their Beautiful Blooms lap quilt design and I guess I was inspired to play with it. I don't need more lap quilts, we have so many already, so I tend to always size up designs to queen-size beds. (Eventually, we'll have way too many of those too then I don't know what I'll do. I might have to stop quilting.)
Their original quilt design
After a couple hours, I came up with a few different designs I think I would enjoy having.
This was one of the original designs that I thought was finished.

Then it occurred to me that some appliqué would look really lovely on this quilt. And it gave me an excuse to play with the appliqué tools.
That center block is a paper-pieced Clematis block
I swiped it from Joen Wolfrom's A Garden Party of Quilts.
If I appliqué the quilt, I would likely use a different flower shape; that shape was just easy to make with the tool. I might use tulips since so many of the blocks are tulips. But this is roughly the layout I was considering.  If I could get past the horrible cutting out part, I suspect I would enjoy appliqué. I really do want to try it. This might inspire me.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Now I just need to psyche myself up to try applique. =)

  2. Playing in EQ can be addictive, but it's so nice to be able to try out all kinds of options when you are stuck on a project.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty addicted to playing in Electric Quilt though I think I need to focus on some non-sewing projects for a few weeks. Those taxes are not going to file themselves. LOL