Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Finger Lakes Log Cabin

One last quilt design I've been playing with, and then I'm definitely going to go work on Jeff's greatcoat. LOL

Judy Martin has three log cabin quilts I'd really like to make in her book, Judy Martin's Log Cabin Quilt Book.  (I don't know why she used such weird names for these fantastic designs.)

  1. Snake River Log Cabin
  2. Finger Lakes Log Cabin and
  3. Timberline Log Cabin

I have some old set fabrics that I've been a bit obsessed about using this year. This set I bought in around 1999/2000, to match a master bedroom I haven't had since 2006. They've moved at least four times and I don't want to move them again unless they're in a finished quilt. 
I've made at least five different quilt designs for these fabrics recently, but none of them have stuck. Now, I think I've decided to carve them up to make the Finger Lakes Log Cabin. The print on the set is so busy, I think it definitely needs some solids to pull it together so I poked around on my fabric shelves and pulled some more fabrics to supplement these. (I probably won't use all these fabrics, but I haven't decided yet which ones to pull out of the pile.)

Likely I'll still have a ton of this set fabric left when I finish this quilt so the problem won't go away, but at least I won't feel guilty anymore for hauling these fabrics around for years. And maybe I'll just sell what's left.

Anyway, the design will look something like this.

There is a non-trivial chance this will be the next one I start cutting out after I finish Jeff's coat. I won't let myself start a new quilt until I finish this March goal. The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can play so I am definitely going to go finish cutting out the coat this evening.


  1. That's a lot of little pieces, but it's a beautiful quilt. Hope you go the coat in the works so you can play with this beauty.

    1. I'm eager to start quilting again so I did manage to cut it out. I'm hoping to start work on it this weekend.