Sunday, March 7, 2021

Pansies in Paradise Redo

I don't normally make the same quilt design more than once, but I think I can do it better. LOL

The name of the pattern is Pansies in Paradise by Debbie Beaves. I actually have the Pansy Paradise set made by Timeless Treasures (not the set the pattern was originally designed for) and I think I'm going to try this pattern again with that fabric but I'm going to reduce the block size to 9 inches. It just works better for the queen-size quilt layout.

I had a different design for this fabric (a variation of this), but I think I'll like this better. But because I want to fussy cut some border for the four-pointed star blocks, I had to look around and find more of the border fabric.

(I'm still having challenges with Electric Quilt, but now I'm triple saving and even copying files onto thumb drives. I'm still hopeful they will help me resolve my issues.)


  1. When you enjoy making a design, why not do it again! We do this because we love it!

    1. Yup. Unfortunately, I'm better at starting projects than finishing them, so I'm trying to finish up other projects before I'll let myself start cutting for a new quilt. It's going to be hard to pick what's next.