Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Tuesday ToDo #86

Other than finishing my green stained glass blocks, I haven't really done much sewing this month.

But my local quilt guild has a quilt show⏤the Festival of Quilts⏤planned in March and I'd like to display some of my best finished quilts, so I am trying to get those ready. Most can go as they are, but I'll need to add labels to any that don't already have them.

I've also decided to finally get back to work on an insulated shopping bag for my husband. After my earlier failed attempt, I decided to try a largish-ByAnnie Bag: Her Ultimate Travel Bag 2.0. I've finally cut out the fabric I quilted last August.

So, my plan for the coming week is to:

  • Make Muslin quilt labels for the quilts that still need them. (I think there are 4 total.)
  • Finish binding the Morris Garden quilt so I can submit it to the quilt show.
  • Add hanging sleeves, if required, to all the quilts.
  • Begin working on the Ultimate Travel Bag. I still need to cut out the coordinating fabric pieces. And I've ordered the required hardware bits, so it will be several days before I can really get started.

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  1. That bag looks interesting. I have only made very simple bags so far. Curious to see the finished product. Also, good luck with your show entries

    1. When I finally manage to finish it, it's going to be a really nice bag. I've been very pleased with all the byAnnie bags I've made. Her patterns are very detailed and well designed.