Thursday, March 30, 2023

Two More Small Finishes

Now that I've finally finished making the quilt labels, I'll probably finish binding my stack of quilts fairly quickly. Today I finished two more.

First up, I finished the Lake Cabin quilt I made from my scrap bin. I started this one last fall as a leader-ender project but a few weeks ago I decided to spend an evening working on it and that was enough to nearly finish it.

This was quilted with the Crystal Gem motif
available from Quilting Daily.

This one is likely to get donated to Comfort Quilts, but I haven't decided yet.

Next up, I also finished binding the crib quilt I made from the Aged Elegance fabric leftovers. I blogged about the quilting in early February so I won't repeat all the information here.

This was quilted with the Sharron edge-to-edge
 from MyCreativeStitches.

This one is only crib size so it will likely be gifted as a baby gift someday. Or I may just donate it to Comfort Quilts later this year. I have a goal to donate 12 quilts this year.

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  1. Your quilting choices are perfect. Love the palette for the crib quilt. Such soft, feminine colors. Takes me back to my college years when dusty rose was popular - celebrating my 50th reunion, soon.

    1. Yeah, this fabric isn't something I'd buy these days, but I got a set of the fabrics more than a decade ago and I'm happy I finally used up most of it.