Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Finger Lakes Quilted!

Well, mostly finished; it still needs the binding. Most of the time on this one was the planning. I spent several days playing with a more-complicated design but in the end, I wasn't sure I'd be able to stitch accurately enough that it would look good, so I decided to use a less precise layout. The quilting itself took me several days to finish, but I'm happy with how it turned out. It's definitely been worth the effort.

This is the Finger Lakes log cabin pattern designed by Judy Martin. I made mine really scrappy with lots of fabrics from my stash and scrap bin. I used Quilter's Dream Green batting. I used Glide thread in the Raisin color, though I rather wish I'd also purchased a creamy yellow thread as well for the burgundy-colored areas so the quilting would show up better.

I quilted it with the Trellis set of pantographs designed by Karen Thompson. I also made a few other custom pieces by editing the pantographs. I created a long scalloped border piece by taking a quarter of the block, mirroring it, and repeating it. It looked perfect with the scalloped border design. I also created the straight border and circular corners from the leafy swag piece.

The blocks themselves quilted pretty quickly, but I spent quite a lot of time filling in all those partial shapes around the edge. This finishes up my February One Monthly Goal, though one day late. I forgot February was a short month. Now I need to figure out my project for March.


  1. Your quilting plan is beautiful. Congrats on the finish, it's gorgeous.

  2. Finger Lakes is a beautiful quilt and your quilting is perfect! I've always loved this quilt pattern but have never been brave enough to make one. Maybe someday, happy stitching!