Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #51

I made a bunch of progress on my Paducah Log Cabin since last Tuesday. Last Friday, I finished putting together the central portion, and then I just needed the border.

But, by the time I got that far, my husband was at his mother's house and he told me the quilt would be a little too large for her bed. (Yes, I asked her for dimensions first.) He wanted me to make the quilt 10" smaller on one edge. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I could make this quilt smaller, but it would have to be 14" smaller because the blocks are 7" wide and I would have to take a row off each edge to keep it symmetrical.

After talking about it, we agreed I would just make her a different quilt, one designed to the dimensions he wanted me to make (74x90ish, so I don't lose them). 

After spending so many days slaving away on this project, I decided to take a day off and put my feet up and stream some TV while I worked up some options in Electric Quilt to show him. Unfortunately, in the process, I realized I had all the DC Comics movies. I spent three days behaving like a teenager, streaming movies and eating leftovers. LOL

So, it's now Tuesday and I'm trying to get back on track. Of the options I sent to Jeff, his mother chose this quilt as her favorite. On the bright side, it's a really easy pattern so it should go pretty quickly.
So, now I guess I'll plan to make the Paducah Log Cabin large enough to fit a queen-size bed. That, unfortunately, means I'll have to add another batch of blocks all the way around⏤44 blocks total. Then I'll need to add the border; I think that's another 52 blocks. So I have ways to go on that one. I will still try and finish it by the end of the month, but the quilt for Marianne is the priority. I just need to disentangle myself from the TV. 

So, this coming week, I hope to cut out a good chunk of the 2½"-squares I need for this project. I think it's 856 total. I'm not sure I have enough blue fabric, but I will see how much I can scrape up from my scrap bins and stash.

Thanks to Linda for hosting the Tuesday ToDo linkup.


  1. Well, after all that work on that quilt, only to find it won't fit - streaming movies and eating leftovers sounds good to me! Looks like you've found a good substitute quilt, though!

  2. It's a shame the log cabin top is the wrong size after all your efforts. I really wouldn't be right if you took away its symmetry.
    Have fun with the new version.

    1. It's alright. I'll just get to keep it. I've already gotten started pawing through fabrics for the new one.

  3. Oh my gosh I laughed out loud at you behaving like a teenager with the TV and leftovers! :D I like the pattern your MIL chose. Too bad the one you made didn't fit, but on the plus side you get to keep a gorgeous quilt. Thank you for sharing with To Do Tuesday!