Friday, October 21, 2022

Oct Friday Night Sew-In

I got started early again for Friday Night Sew In. I went back to work on my Paducah Log Cabin quilt because it has become clear that I won't be receiving the new fabric from Hancock's in time to finish before the end of the month so I figured I may as well finish something.

I started sewing after breakfast and sewed all the way until after 10PM, with a couple breaks for meals/washing dishes.

This morning, I started out with a bin of strips and the smaller pieces already sewn together.

Then I spent all day assembling strips. These are most of the pieces for all 48 border blocks and the first two strips of the remaining 44 quilt blocks
This pile will probably take me a couple hours to iron, so tomorrow I think I'll put my Snake River Log Cabin quilt on my long arm frame and alternate between ironing and quilting all weekend. I would really love to finally be able to have one of my Judy Martin quilts finished. They've been in my queue for way too long.


  1. I can't wait to see your Snake River quilt finished, it's so lovely! Happy stitching!

    1. I'm nearly finished with it now. I'm quite happy with how it is turning out. I'll blog about it soon.