Friday, February 11, 2022

Four Patch Log Cabin Flimsy

I finished another leader-ender quilt flimsy! I didn't have a great plan when I started out and was sort of winging it. Except for the sashing, this was made from scraps. It's a little funky because I didn't plan out the arrangement of colors, but it will be a nice practice quilt when I get my long arm next month.
I finished this one pretty quickly as well. I obviously have a problem with getting distracted by leader-ender projects. That pile of pieces provided a nice diversion when I didn't feel like working on the Pieces of My Heart quilt.

I'm going to make another Spruce Root Basket quilt for my next leader-ender project. They're super quick to cut out. It's going to be in aqua for this month's RSC color.

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  1. Love all the purples and black. Great use of squares for leader/ender sewing.

    1. Thanks. Now that I am getting a long arm, it's very tempting to make a bunch of quick, easy quilts for a few months. It's a nice change.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It turned out pretty well with the lack of planning. If I make another, I'll probably curate my colors a little better. LOL

  3. Ohh So pretty! Love the purple and black together!
    and yay... the long arm....