Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Tuesday ToDo #33

I guess I forgot to post my list last week. I've gotten distracted with basement remodel-related tasks lately and haven't had quite as much time to sew.

I've continued to work on my list from 2 weeks ago.

Sew 4 more heart blocks for the Tickled Pink project.

Finished. The project is mostly done; I just need to add the outer border. I'm not going to show it yet, though, because I need to save it for the Tickled Pink blog hop.

Finish the Leader Ender lap quilt.

Yeah, I did that and then I made a 2nd one. I'm discovering that I suck at managing leader-ender projects. As soon as I get to about 50% finished I have a low resistance to turning my attention to the project and just working on it to completion.

Figure out the next Leader Ender project and start cutting it out.

I did this one too. It uses more of those purple 4" squares that I've had for so long.

4-Square Log Cabin
I've done more than start cutting it out. LOL
Except for the sashing, this is made from scraps. I'm not arranging the colors in the purple border stripes, so they'll probably end up a little funky. I'm just cutting a lot of 2" squares and sewing them together in basically a random arrangement.

Make the setting triangles for the Rhododendron Trail no-longer-a-mystery quilt.

I've done this too.

Here is my list for next Tuesday.

  1. Finish my Tinkled Pink project. This one has to be finished.
  2. Start assembling my Rhododendron Trail quilt. 
  3. Continue to work on my 4-Square Log Cabin.
I'm linking up with the rest of the folks at the Tuesday ToDo linkup.


  1. Planning and progress.
    Love your purples.

  2. I think your basement remodel-related tasks would be quite distracting for me! Your 4-square log cabin is GORGEOUS! Did I mention I love purple, and I love log cabins?
    Thank you for linking your eye candy with To Do Tuesday! :)

    1. It's a fun, little lap quilt that's quite simple. Making easy patterns is a nice change for me. I'm so happy I'll have a long arm soon.

  3. I've heard leader ender project a lot, but I don't think that I really know what one is.

    1. It's a project that you have sitting to the side and you just run pieces through to start and end when you're chain piecing. Bonnie Hunter has a good explanation at her blog here: https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/leaders-enders-whys-and-hows.html

  4. Congrats on all the progress on last week's list and good luck with this week's list. Your leader and ender projects are all fun. There's nothing that says what starts as a leader and ender has to finish that way. My leader and enders are for projects where there is a block part I'm not all that fond of sewing, like HSTs. Good luck with this week's list.

  5. Love the projects!! And I agree on the leader ender issue, me too!! LOL

  6. I hope your basement remodel is going well! Your quilting projects seem to be moving along well even with the remodel!